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Trail Boss 3-Pack

Trail Boss 3-Pack

Our Trail Boss medium roast wrapped up in a bundle of three to save you money. 


Roasted for those that work the 5-9. Smooth, bold and balanced, Trail Boss hits all the right notes. It's medium roast profile gives it the perfect parity between intense, bold flavor, a smooth body and the right amount of caffiene to keep you in the saddle. 


George Duffield, legendary trail boss, once said that during a storm him and his men were in the saddle for nearly 60 hours, but generous rations of bread and coffee kept them going. Our Trail Boss roast is a hat tip to Duffleld and men and women like him. Those that do what it takes to get the job done.


Origin - Panama Highlands (single origin)

Producers - Small generational family farms (direct trade)

Elevation - 1400-1700 meters. 

Cup Notes - Milk chocolate, caramal and a hint of citrus. 

Roasted in the USA on American manufactured equipment. 

Net Weight - 12oz (340G) per bag. 

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