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Test - Wrangler Roast

Test - Wrangler Roast

Developed directly with world renowned horsemanship expert and lifelong cowboy Dewayne Noel and his wife Deanna, Wrangler Roast was carefully created to represent what they consider to be the perfect coffee. 


This dark roast is crafted to deliver big, bold flavor with a thick, molasses like feel to it. 


This is not a rebranding of a previously available coffee, but a truly unique new roast developed specifically for Dewayne and Deanna to embody the spirit of life in the west.


Net Weight - 12 Ounces

Origin - Panama Highlands (single origin)

Producers - Small generational family farms (direct trade)

Elevation - 1400-1700 meters. 

Cup Notes - Dark chocolate & molasses.

Roasted in the USA on American manufactured equipment. 

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