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Honey Geisha (RESERVE)

Honey Geisha (RESERVE)

This batch of RESERVE features some extremely rare, honey processed Panamanian Geisha. Arguably the most sought-after coffee in the world, Gesha originates from Africa, but its full potential was realized in the volcanic soils of the Panamanian Highlands.


Instead of the more standard "natural" process, this Geisha has been "honey" processed. Meaning after harvesting, the cherries are de-pulped and the beans are left to dry with their sugary mucilage coating. Giving them a sweet, vibrant flavor.


Our Geisha is grown within the coffee farms’ best, high elevation soil. These small, isolated growing areas are watched carefully throughout the beans lifecycle before finally being harvested and sorted by hand. Each and every bean must be gone through by hand to ensure consistency.


Expect notes of orange blossom, honey and stone fruit. This coffee is best enjoyed black. We recommend preparing with a pour over or French press, giving particular attention to water temps (~195-200).  The ratio of coffee to water is dependant on personal preference, but we recomend a 1/15 (grams) ratio. 


Coffee of this caliber is rare and meant for the most discerning coffee enthusiast. Each bag of Geisha ships in a custom wood box that has been distressed by hand and branded with the Juniper Mountain Coffee maker’s mark.


Cupping Notes:  Orange blossom, honey and stone fruit:.

Process: Honey

Elevation: 1,753 meters (5,752ft)

Producer: Kalithea Estate

Net Weight: 10 OZ


Kalithea Estate,

The 125 acres plantation produces several high-altitude specialty coffee varieties, including Geisha, Pacamara and Caturra. In addition, the coffee plants are surrounded by natural tropical forest, Persian Lemons and other citrus fruits. For its exceptional flavor and quality of beans, Kalithea is one of the leading and most promising coffee plantations in Panama.


-- Location: Volcán, Chiriquí. Rep. de Panamá


-- The name Kalithea, derives from the Greek word, meaning “beautiful view from the mountain”.

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