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Camp Cook Coffee Pods (32 Count)

Camp Cook Coffee Pods (32 Count)

Our coffee pods utilize “iFillCup” pods, the best k-cup style pod on the market. They have a deeper filter that allows for more coffee per pod than a standard pod. This means you get a stronger, bolder brew. Simply put,  our pods are regular size, with more coffee inside.


Strong, bold and never burnt. Camp Cook is the perfect dark roast, whether you're starting your day out or winding it down. Expect savory notes of dark chocolate and mollases from this finely crafted specialty coffee.  


In the west, camp cooks were an integral part of the team. They needed to show up and do their job rain or shine. Our Camp Cook dark roast was developed in honor of these men and women. Throw it in your pack or keep it in the cupboard, Camp Cook won't let you down. 

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