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Bolivia (Lightly Macerated, Organic)

Bolivia (Lightly Macerated, Organic)

We got our hands on an extremely small lot of some exceptional coffee from Bolivia. This coffee has been lighty macerated after harvest. Macerated coffee undergoes an anaerobic fermentation process. This process involves placing coffee cherries in airtight barrels to ferment before pumping in CO2 to create a CO2-rich environment. This results in an extremely vibrant, fruit forward cup with tasting notes of rose, grapefruit and blackberry. 


Coffee's like this are hard to come by and once it's gone, we are unsure if we will be able to secure more or not. 


Origin - San Lorenzo, Bolivia

Process - Lightly Macerated (Fermented) 

Elevation - ~1525M

Tasting Notes - Rose, Grapefruit, Blackberry. 

Net Weight - 10 oz. 


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