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For The Balanced Traditionalist

Medium Roast

Our Trail Boss Medium Roast offers a beautifully balanced cup, with a harmony of flavors that’s sure to delight. A bit lighter than the dark roast, this option showcases the best of both worlds: hints of original bean flavors paired with the nuanced characteristics developed during roasting. Perfect for those who desire a smooth, well-rounded cup of coffee.


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Trail Boss

Introducing Trail Boss, a coffee crafted for those who take the road less traveled, for those who don't stop when the day ends, but push on through the 5-9. This is a roast for the relentless, the determined, the tireless spirits who are always in the saddle, leading the charge.

Your Choice: Ground or Whole Beans

At Juniper Mountain Trading Post, we believe in giving our coffee lovers the ultimate freedom of choice. That’s why we offer our exceptional coffee in both ground and whole bean varieties. Each form maintains our commitment to quality and uncompromised values, providing you with the perfect canvas for your coffee ritual.

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For the Hands-On Brewmaster: Whole Beans

If you value the art of brewing and enjoy the process of grinding your own beans, our whole bean option is perfect for you. Each bag of our whole bean coffee delivers the freshest, most flavorful experience, allowing you the joy of releasing those potent, aromatic oils right before brewing. It's coffee in its purest form, untouched and waiting for you to bring it to life.


For the Busy Coffee Connoisseur: Ground Beans

If you're always on the go, but refuse to compromise on your coffee's quality, our ground coffee variant is the right fit for you. We take the time to expertly grind our beans to the perfect consistency, ensuring that each cup you brew is as robust and flavorful as the last. With our ground coffee, you're just moments away from a rich, aromatic cup that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle.

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